privacy notice.


i want to respect your pivacy, while still getting some insight into the readership of my site. no "personally identifiable information" or "sensitive information" is collected, and no data is shared with external parties.

  • goatcounter stats are collected via javascript or tracking pixel.
  • no server logs are collected.
  • the site is hosted by netlify.
  • no data is shared.

data that i collect

goatcounter statistics

in order to have an idea about what sort of readership pages on this site are getting, i use a instance of goatcounter. views are tracked with javascript, or a tracking pixel if javascript is disabled. the following statistics are tracked in goatcounter:

  • sessions
    • page visits, unique within an 8 hour window
  • referrer
    • Referer header, campaign parameters (utm_campaign, utm_source, ref)
  • country
  • language
    • supported languages from Accept-Language

if you wish to opt out of statistics tracking on this site, you can disable javascript and images being loaded from

goatcounter is intended to be privacy-friendly and respect your data. take a look at the privacy policy for goatcounter here, although bear in mind that does not use the cloud-hosted version of goatcounter.

server logs

no server logs are collected.

site hosting

this site is hosted on netlify. see this page for netlify's privacy policy.

data that i share

collected data is not shared with any third parties.

questions or comments

reach out to if you have questions about this privacy notice.